Welcome Remarks
Gabrielle Emery (UNDRR)
Tanaji Sen (CDRI)
​Stuart Brown (DFAT)
Keynote Speech
Vasiti Soko (Fiji)
Key Findings from the Synthesis Report
Jack Whelan (Resilient Infrastructure Specialist)
Infrastructure for Resilient Island States (IRIS)
Riya Rahiman (CDRI)
Talanoa Session #1
Resilient Infrastructure
Ajay Makhija (New Zealand)
​Masi Latianara (Habitat for Humanity)
Pacific Building Codes and Standards
Rhys Gwilliam (PRIF)
Presenters & Speakers
Principles for Resilient Infrastructure
Helen Ng (UNDRR)
Talanoa Session #2
​Inclusive Infrastructure
Preeya Ieli (UN Women)
​Sainimili Tawake (Pacific Disability Forum)
Talanoa Session #3
Sustainable Infrastructure
Djamil Abdelaziz (New Caledonia)
​Prerna Chand (Traditional Knowledge Specialist)
​Abraham Simpson (Energy Specialist)
Summary and What's Next
Jack Whelan (Resilient Infrastructure Specialist)
Tanaji Sen (CDRI)
Gabrielle Emery (UNDRR)