10. Revision of the Haitian National Building Code

The project’s objective is to revise the Haitian Building Code to make it more responsive to a multi-hazard environment and to make it applicable to existing buildings and vernacular architecture, closing the gap between code-compliant formal housing and the vast majority of buildings where Haitian families live. The building code revision will be a participatory process, ensuring the participation of the private sector in the process. Changes will include cyclonic specifications, especially with regard to roofing and connections, utilizing local and cost-effective available solutions. New sections will also be developed to add cyclone-risk-focused retrofitting specifications to the Haitian Building Code, so homeowners can get reliable guidance on increasing the resilience of their dwellings. A new chapter of the code will cover the different types of small buildings in Haiti, particularly timber frame houses and vernacular rural construction. The project also includes a training and awareness component to inform construction sector professionals and homeowners of the building code changes, facilitating its future implementation. The project is endorsed by Haiti’s Ministry of Public Works. Transport and Communication. It will be implemented by Build Change, an international non-profit specialized in housing resilience across disaster-prone areas.