07. Towards Developing Strategic Sustainable Integrated National Drainage and Irrigation Systems for Guyana

This project aims to address flood risks in Guyana, especially along its coastline, through the creation of an integrated strategy for drainage and irrigation in the country with resilience objectives at its core. The project will specifically focus on the adoption of nature-based solutions to address flood risks by including these principles in the national strategy. It will also identify specific nature-based coastal or riverbank protection projects, providing pre-feasibility data which will contribute to securing investment for their implementation. The project will also ensure that the drainage and irrigation strategy conveys gender equality and social inclusion values, supporting the resilience of disadvantaged and marginalized groups. The project is endorsed by the Office of the President of Guyana and will be implemented by the Global Green Growth Institute, an inter-governmental organization dedicated to sustainable growth, especially in response to the threat of climate crisis and deteriorating environmental conditions.