06. Strengthening Capacities, Security and Resilience of Critical Infrastructure in Dominican Republic, Cuba and Haiti

This project will create a network of trained infrastructure professionals from the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Haiti to implement resilience actions for schools and water infrastructure, considering vulnerability to multiple hazards in the Caribbean. Participants will receive training in vulnerability assessment methodology and apply it to schools and water infrastructure across the three countries. They will use assessment findings to prepare retrofitting action plans for some of the sites so they can be reinforced to withstand future shocks. The project will also create a mechanism for these professionals to be deployed in the region in case of disaster to perform damage assessments and oversee reconstruction efforts. By pooling resources, these Caribbean countries will enhance their disaster preparedness and minimize disruptions for their population so they can recover faster from extreme events. The project is endorsed by the National Emergency Commission of the Dominican Republic, the Civil Protection Office of Cuba and the Civil Protection Department of Haiti. It will be implemented by UNDP, the leading UN organization in institutional capacity building for a sustainable future.