04. Roadmap for Health and Coastal Infrastructure Resilience of the Marshall Islands

The project aims to enhance the resilience of coastal and health infrastructure in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) to climate change and other risks. RMI, located in the Pacific region, faces multiple challenges due to its vulnerability to sea-level rise, extreme weather events, and limited resources. The project seeks to address these challenges by improving the capacity of infrastructure systems to withstand shocks and ensuring equitable access to essential services, particularly in the health sector. The project will include infrastructure capacity assessments for the health and coastal sectors to determine the ability of RMI’s enabling environment, institutions, processes and people to plan, deliver and maintain resilient infrastructure. The findings will lead to a prioritized action plan and the implementation of critical capacity-strengthening actions, particularly regarding infrastructure asset management. The project is endorsed by the Ministry of Public Works of the Republic of Marshall Islands and implemented by UNOPS, the UN agency with a mandate in infrastructure and public procurement.