03. Mapping, Assessing and Planning for Comprehensive Multi-Hazard Early Warning Capabilities for Fiji

This project includes two components to support Fiji institutions with infrastructure resilience. The first component aims to improve the efficiency of emergency operations in Fiji by integrating single-hazard warning systems into a Multi-Hazard Early Warning System, increasing visibility and understanding of messages among the population while saving resources. The second component addresses the resilience of coastlines and riverbanks to prevent erosion and flooding. The project will support the identification of nature-based coastal protection solutions and include the preparation of a gender mainstreaming strategy for these projects, ensuring they benefit women and marginalized communities. The project is endorsed by Fiji’s National Disaster Management Office and Ministry of Waterways. It will be implemented by Live & Learn, a recognized Fiji-based NGO part of an Asia-Pacific network focusing on engaging communities to foster a sustainable future.